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SNOBSWAP: A Website Worth Knowing About


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We love opportunities to score designer pieces for less, so when we heard about SNOBSWAP we were pretty ecstatic.

This new website, currently in beta, describes itself as bringing “the thrill of consignment shopping and swap parties to the web.” It offers the flexibility of choosing from four different types of payment for the items you list: 1) swapping, 2) swap credits, 3) cash offer, and 4) a fixed cash price. Think of it like eBay only for the girls and boys with the wardrobe everyone covets.

The site is really easy from a usability perspective when you are trying to list items. However, when shopping for items it’s a bit difficult to navigate – we would really have appreciated a way to filter by size rather than just item type. However, it does have the “thrill of the hunt” aspect going for it.

To learn more, visit

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Sell Your Sole Consignment: A Local Shop Worth Knowing About


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We decided to change up our Web Wednesdays series this week and highlight a new local Seattle boutique worth knowing about – Sell your Sole Consignment.

Last weekend we stopped in to Sell Your Sole Consignment, a new consignment boutique on 1st Ave. downtown. We didn’t know what to expect, but we absolutely love second hand so thought it was worth checking out. Well, we were very impressed with everything: the decor was gorgeous and the items carefully selected. There was even a rack of vintage pieces, ranging from a Versace jacket to a YSL dress.

Inside of Sell Your Sole Consignment in Seattle

To give you a glimpse behind the curtain, we interviewed owner Natalia Biner to find out what this new consignment shop is all about. We got the inside scoop on her past and what the advantages are of selling your items through her boutique. Be sure to check out the grand opening on May 3rd and expect big things from this up-and-coming Seattle fashion destination.

Natalia Biner of Seattle consignment boutique

1. You said you come from a business development background, can you tell us some more about how you got to opening Sell Your Sole Consignment?

My mom and dad are successful entrepreneurs and my role models. They came to America with me in 1979, from the Former Soviet Union, not speaking any English, having no money, and to make things more challenging, my dad could no longer practice dentistry because his degree was not recognized here in the US.

Despite all of these challenges, they got the American dream. Through hard work and perseverance, they bought, developed and sold five successful businesses, and are now running a $3 MILLION company that they started in their garage. I worked for their company for 10 years, developing the clientele, and creating the business’s brand. I always knew I wanted to follow in my parent’s footsteps and own my own business, so 6 months ago I did just that. I left my amazing job, my family, the city I grew up in (Phoenix, AZ) and moved to Seattle to start fresh and create Sell Your Sole.

2. What are some of your favorite brands and designers? Do you have any style icons?

That’s a great question! I love Alice + Olivia, Elizabeth and James, Current Elliott, Mother, Milly for everyday. I appreciate Tom Ford, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Burberry Prorsum, Alexander McQueen, Rag & Bone, Rick Owens and Roberto Cavalli. Style icon…very tough, but I love Michelle William’s and Angelina Jolie’s style.

3. How would you describe your style? Would you say it is reflected through your store’s items?

Yes, my store is somewhat reflective of things I can appreciate, but since I just opened a week ago and depend on consigners for my inventory, I can say that there are many other aspects of my style that my store doesn’t have yet. My style is fairly eclectic. I love everything from Current Elliot leather leggings, to Anthropologie’s gorgeous and unique dresses. I also love All Saints and Nordstom’s Savvy and Via C. dept. when I want to treat myself and pay retail prices, that is.

4. What type of designers do you accept for Sell Your Consignment?

I strive to curate unique and coveted pieces for my store. I look for designers that one can find at Nordstrom & Barney’s, specialty stores like Anthropologie , Madewell & All Saints, and things that come from stylish boutiques around town, like Les Amis, Burnt Sugar, and Baby & Co.

To be specific, I get very excited when I see things by Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, etc. come in. However, I am currently looking to build up my jeans, purses and shoe inventory. Jeans, from designers like J Brand, MOTHER, Seven FOR ALL MANKIND, AG, Citizens of Humanity, and purses from Marc Jacobs, Chanel, House of Harlow, etc. Also, I look for items that are in excellent condition, so my clients feel like they are getting something they can wear with pride and that looks almost new.

5. If someone wants to sell her items through your store, what should she keep in mind and what are the advantages?

She should keep in mind that by consigning with Sell Your Sole, she is consigning her items in the most unique consignment boutique in town. That her items will be beautifully displayed and enthusiastically presented to potential buyers – not only when they visit the store, but also through private shopping parties and special events. She should know that she has a real partner in Sell Your Sole when it comes to moving her merchandise and making her money!

She should also keep in mind that items that are submitted for consignment must be in the best possible condition. So clothing must be dry cleaned, on hangers and free from any visible flaws. The consigner will enjoy a generous 50/50 split of the final selling price and checks are cut every month for items sold the previous month. Finally, if the consigner wold like to reclaim any unsold items, they are given the chance to do so after their consignment period is over. There are many other stores in town that do not allow this, but we feel that it is very important to respect the consignors wishes in this regard.

6. Where would you like to see your store this time next year? In 5 years?

By this time next year, I would like to have cultivated a collection of 1500 beautiful, unique and diverse items in the store. I would like to see a community of close friends and clients sprout around my boutique, and I would love to contribute to the community in some way. In 5 years? I would like to open a men’s consignment store that is fashion-forward and affordable.

7. What is the best style advice you’ve ever received?

Trust Yourself. Also, I love this quote…

“Fashion is the pursuit of perfection, and style is the acceptance of one’s flaws.” – Francesco Clemente

8. If you weren’t owning your own consignment boutique, what would you be doing now?

Building on my photography career in Maui and spending time with my family – Brent my loving fiance and Moe, my white lab.

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The Emerald Closet Supports Ethical Jewelry


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Our long-time readers know that we fully support eco fashion. Thus, you could imagine our outrage when learning that Zimbabwe had recently been reinstated into the Kimberley Process, despite evidence that its diamond mining in Marange funds corruption and violence.

Here is an image created by an ethical jeweler in the UK that compiles all of the evidence against this controversial issue. If you give a damn, please share this and remember to only purchase ethically-sourced precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones.

(via Ingle & Rhode Ethical Diamonds).

If you care about this issue and have a blog, please help spread awareness and embed this:

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Men’s Marni for H&M for Covet Fridays


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If you haven’t heard Marni for H&M is launching March 8th, we have no idea where you’ve been.

We’re super excited about this. More excited than for the women’s Marni for H&M collection. The women’s collection has been getting a lot of press recently, but we’re enthralled with the options available for men. Don’t get us wrong, the women’s collection is FABULOUS. Utterly fabulous. But the men’s? Now that is class…

The collection is just so minimal and architectural. The designs are light on the prints, rather paying more attention to subtle details than the ladies’ looks. We were so excited to see a men’s shorts suit option, similar to a look Travis rocks frequently.

Here are our favorite looks from the collection. Hopefully the Marni collection won’t go as fast as the Versace for H&M did – you do know that the men’s collection sold out first, right?

marni for H&M mens short suit

mens marni for H&M 2012

mens H&M and marni collaboration 2012

mens marni for H&M cargo rain coat

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Zara United States: A Site Worth Knowing About


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Welcome to Web Wednesdays, a new series dedicated to bringing you the best fashion and beauty websites. From under the radar companies to online communities millions strong, we will feature the sites you need to know about.
zara america launch
In case you missed it, Zara finally launched an online store in the United States. We were provided a sneak peak into the collection before it launched, so we thought it fitting for our Web Wednesdays series.

Adria studied abroad in Madrid and can still remember the amazingness that was the Zara store in the Puerta del Sol neighborhood. Multiple floors of chic, Spanish designs begging to be tried on, taken home, and loved.

zara womens september 2011 lookbook

Can we just say, we were DYING when viewing the September lookbook. Utterly dying. Zara has multiple lines, from its womens and mens collections to the TRF and kids collections. And every single one was breathtaking.

What we love about Zara is its minimalist, structure silhouettes, heavy on layers, textures, and bold statements.

zara mens lookbook september 2011

Prices hover in the $59-$250 range for most clothing items. The site is very easy to navigate and its minimal aesthetic resonates even in the site design. What we really like is there are FREE RETURNS by mail within one month of purchase. Living in Seattle, where the nearest store is in California, this is huge.

Even better, there are NO SHIPPING CHARGES. Free shipping and returns? We’re sold.

The cherry on top of this already delectable cake is that Zara has environmental and animal-cruelty free policies. All animal products come from animals raised on food farms, rather than factories where they are slaughtered solely for their hides. In addition, Zara supports local organic cotton farmers and has products free of pesticides, chemicals, and bleach, all of which are marked throughout stores.

zara kids september 2011

The Zara online store officially launches in the USA today, September 7th, 2011. To get your shop on, visit

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Open Letter: Is Street Style Killing Fashion’s Sincerity?


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In GQ’s September 2011 issue, writer Will Welch claims street style blogs are creating streets that are more contrived than the runway ever was.

We get GQ every month. We love GQ. But we’ll just come out and say it, reading that article pissed us off.

Maybe we’re a bit biased, since we document some street style. Maybe we’re biased because we’ve been following street style blogs for years now, so much in fact that it’s become a daily habit.

However, since we’re in the position of actually going up to people and snapping their photos, we like to think we have an insider’s experience. We can see the man who doesn’t read fashion blogs looking at the photo examples of street style GQ provides with this article and saying, “Chyeah, these guys are posers.”

All the accidental ‘Who me?’ unselfconsciousness that once made it so fresh was tainted. The streets became the runway.”

Let us set it straight: every single person we’ve ever asked to take their photo was embarrassed.

That’s right. Embarrassed. They’d blush, laugh, tell us they feel awkward. We have the horrible pictures to prove it.

Sure, some are more comfortable than others, but speaking for the whole spectrum, not one of them had the “I knew this was going to happen” shit-grin on their face.

Second, only a handful of fashion blogs in a select few cities have even reached the status where the majority knows of their existence. Coming from NY, the fashion capital of the world, it’s easy for GQ to make these claims because the city beats and pulses with fashion.

Take your pointer finger on a map to neighboring cities like Philadelphia, Boston, Providence, and DC, you’ll be lucky to stop a person on the street who can name a prominent fashion blog in their area. Sure they might know of The Sartorialist, but GQ is saying that these people get dressed in the morning with the prospect of getting photographed in the back of their mind. Besides this being utterly absurd, these cities don’t have street style blogs that have reached the celebrity of the NYC blogging staple, so the chances of getting photographed are lower.

Now, if you draw a circle around each of those cities on the map, it will encompass suburban and rural area in the US that do not follow fashion blogs and wake up with the sole purpose of being featured on these blogs. This will be the MAJORITY of the United States. NYC is the exception, not the rule. So maybe GQ’s examples are correct by saying their are wannabes stalking Scott Schuman. And maybe there are fashion cronies flocking European fashion shows for a chance to be photographed, but even that is an example of people getting dressed up for a chance to be featured. This is different from completely contriving their style for the sake of being featured in street fashion blogs. These claims are like saying all women in Alaska are air heads because Sarah Palin sucks. Come on now.

You’re telling us this girl wore this because of street style blogs?

Kids street style

This whole article made us cringe because it takes a few examples and blankets it across all street style blogs. The people who actually know of fashion blogs in the US, let alone in their city, are a huge minority. To say people are celebrity-craving enough to completely transform their look, to compromise who they are is not only bold, it’s downright insulting.

Why can’t we say that street style made the runway more attainable? It inspired the “street runway.” Why do we have to point fingers, call names, and accuse it of ruining the truth and spontaneity of personal style? That’s a huge target, one we don’t think is fairly placed. All we gotta say is Haters gonna hate.

Wait, are you ready for it?

While it sits on its pedestal of elitist wisdom and hates on us street style bloggers trying to make it in this world, GQ has its own damn street style section. Even more aggravating, its street style section highlights the sartorially savvy men of New York, the VERY SAME streets it pointed out for being filled with “wannabe style icons stalking Sartorialist-favored avenues.”

So go ahead, GQ, write articles about street style blogs killing fashion’s sincerity. Whether you make these claims as a marketing ploy or because you’re truly sick of street fashion blogs, we will not be swayed by your opinion, but will continue to think these bloggers are transforming the fashion world and making it more attainable.

Here are 38 other fashion blogs who would agree with us.

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Milan Fashion Week: Men’s Spring 2012 Fashion Trends for Covet Fridays


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Summer 2011 just barely started and the fashion world is already revealing the trends for next spring.

Some collections had very literal inspirations, such as Prada’s golf caddys and Moncler Gamme Bleu’s fencing players. Others had very subtle themes, telling a story through texture, color, and layers.

Most of the collections took one of two turns: they were either 1) loud with outrageous colors, patterns, and layers or 2) muted, with a minimalist palette and an abundance of textures.

We’ve picked our seven favorite trends from the runway to help you make an impression when the warm weather returns. Not keen on waiting until next spring? Inject some of these trends into your wardrobe now to get a head start on the rest.

The Top 7 Men’s Fashion Trends for Spring 2012

1. Over-sized suiting. Sharp tailoring isn’t the name of the game anymore. There were a lot of baggy, almost ill-fitting suits, pants, and sports coats. It can give your look a more relaxed feel, and it is certainly more comfortable.

2. It’s all about the man purse. There were some seriously wicked shoulder bags and totes on the runway.

3. The trench will never die. Some pieces are forever timeless. The trench is one of them. There were a lot of trenches paired with shorts and worn open, giving it a refreshingly disheveled look.

4. Plaid might outlive the trench. Similar to its other timeless brethren, plaid keeps coming back season after season. You’ll notice a lot of plaids from across the spectrum, including both large and small patterns in an endless combination of colors.

5. Two breasts are better than one. There was a lot of double-breasted sports coats hitting the runway. Whether it was for a casual frolic in the park or a formal dinner party, there was a double-breasted coat for every occasion.

6. A color story. This year we saw a lot of warm, rich earth tones—like clay, brass, and burnt orange—muted by wheat-y and organic neutrals. We also saw a lot of bold, eye-catching colors, with a focus on electric blue.

7. It’s all about the shoes. We saw A LOT of amazing shoes. They completely stole the show in some cases! There was a lot of worn-in lace-up dress shoes and colorful boat shoes.

Milan Fashion Week Spring 2012 Trends - Men

1. E.Tautz Double-Breasted Blazer – $602.50, 2. BED:STU Men’s Uncle Boat Shoes – $70, 3. Apolis Global Citizen Tote – $198, 4. Neil Barrett Ash Trenchcoat- $482, 5. Nautica Plaid Silk Tie – $35

These are the highlights from the Spring 2012 Fashion Week. Want to see more? Visit to see all the collections.

Want our opinion? We loved Corneliani’s show. It was very wearable, relaxed, and had a nonchalant elegance to it. It really stood out for us as an example of the designers who told a story through textures and an organic aesthetic, rather than bold, chaotic colors and prints. Also, we have to shout out Ermenegildo Zenga’s muted pastels mixed with wheat-y neutrals. Also very wearable.

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MR. PORTER Sale: Editors’ Picks for Covet Fridays


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It’s the most wonderful time of year…

The Net-a-Porter End of Season Sale. And lucky us, we get to experience the magic through Mr. Porter, too, Net-A-Porter’s new site dedicated to the men. Here we highlight some of our favorite picks from the Mr. Porter sale items. Don’t worry, ladies. We will create a NET-A-PORTER sale style guide for Monday.

Mr. Porter Sale Editor's Picks 2011

1. Aubin & Wills Long-Sleeve Breton T-Shirt – $40
2. Rag & Bone Wallis Classic Chino – $115
3. Belstaff Gangster Waxed Jacket - $312.50
4. YSL Lace-Up Brogues - $347.50
5. Viktor & Rolf Straight Leg Trouser – $262.50
6. Hartford Straw Panama Hat – $80
7. Burberry Prorsum Trench Coat with Leather Trim – $1197.50
8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Messenger Bag – $240
9. Gucci Lightweight Summer Scarf – $182

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Bellevue Collection Polyvore Contest – Enter Now!


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We were approached by The Bellevue Collection to enter a fashion blogger contest to display our styling skills. Using items from its new spring collection, we created a Polyvore set that highlighted our favorite spring picks and best exemplified The Bellevue Collection as a shopping destination.

The marketing department chose its favorite fashion blogger’s entry and will display her set between April 11th and 14th in the center court of The Bellevue Collection. Congratulations to Alison Brownrigg of Porttle for winning! Though the fashion blogger part of the contest is over, your opportunity to enter is just beginning!

From April 1st – 30th, everyone can create their own set on The Bellevue Collection’s Fan Page! The individual who gets the most likes will win a $500 gift certificate shopping experience to the Bellevue Collection.

So that means go create a style guide and promote the contest to your friends so they can vote for you! As an added bonus, if you comment on this post and enter the contest, we will personally go like all of your submissions. So visit The Bellevue Collection’s facebook Fan Page (linked above) for your chance to win! And leave a comment letting us know you entered (including your name)!

Without further ado, here is our style guide:

Feminine & Funky Business Nautical

Feminine & Funky Business Nautical by Emerald Closet


Our set is what we call “Feminine & Funky Business Nautical.” Since nothing rings in the spring like a fresh take on the timeless nautical trend, we wanted to reinterpret business casual and introduce some seaside lovin’ to the mix. We were absolutely obsessed with both the Fendi and BCBGMAXAZRIA shoes, which are aesthetic opposites. Thus, we decided to introduce two different spins on our main outfit selection, which included tailored, yet no-fuss Vince pants and a professional, yet easygoing vertical striped button down.

On the left is feminine accessories, including chic, nude pumps and a ladylike clutch. On the right are the more funky accessories, including those to-die-for booties (booties in the spring? We think so!) and chunky statement necklace. We stuck to neutral makeup for both looks because we believe a woman should always embrace her natural beauty. The Bellevue Collection is a shopping destination for empowered women who covet both the classic and the fanciful alike, so we wanted to create a look to speak to each side of their style.

We’d love to hear what you think of our look! Good luck!

Disclaimer: The Bellevue Collection may, but is not obligated to, use your Polyvore set in any way, in any medium. The Bellevue Collection reserves the right to discontinue the contest at any time.

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38 Fashion Blogs You Should be Following


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Our Daily Reads

1. Cupcakes and Cashmere – You might recognize Emily Schuman from the MTV series The Hills. Her blog documents her personal style and interests, which revolve predominantly around fashion, food, and home decor. When it comes down to it, we really appreciate how she’s peeled back the curtain to her life. She doesn’t just write about her interests passively, but uses her personal experiences to tell a story.

2. fashiontoast – Rumi Neely is probably the coolest chick on the Internet. She kind of has that Lady Gaga effect: she could wear a meat dress and still look fierce. She documents her personal style and experiences in the fashion industry with the help of her boyfriend Colin Stokol’s stellar photography skills. And let us tell you: she can make anything look effortlessly cool.

3. Refinery29 – A leader in the fashion news space, Refinery29 documents the fashion industry as a whole, including trends, new products, street style, and more. It even offers personal recommendations for readers, directing them to articles that would be of interest to them.

4. The Sartorialist – Even those who don’t follow fashion blogs have heard of The Sartorialist. Scott Schuman documents street style around the globe. Not only does he have an incredibly discerning eye, but he also takes extraordinary photographs. He has an uncanny ability to capture moments rather than just pictures of people smiling sheepishly at the camera.

Street Style

5. Le 21ème Arrondissement – Adam Sinding started documenting Seattle street style. Now, he lives in NYC and follows street style in the Big Apple and beyond. His photographs are top notch, portraying fashion from a slightly dark and moody perspective. He also takes video of all his style subjects, giving them the opportunity to discuss what they are wearing.

6. All the Pretty Birds – Tamu McPherson photographs “all the pretty birds” across the globe who have impeccable style. Located in Milan, McPherson shoots predominantly young to middle-aged females.

7. Altamira NYC – Ever wonder what models wear when they are off duty? Look no further than Altamira. Craig Arend scouts models during their days off, giving readers an inside look at the world behind the smoke and mirrors of the fashion industry.

8. Face Hunter – Name a city and Yvan Rodic has most likely featured its most fashionable citizens on his blog the Face Hunter. Seriously…where does he find these people? Every single person he photographs is dressed to the nines, and Rodic wouldn’t have it any other way. He has an incredible eye and will only post those worthy to appear on his blog. This means every person brings something extraordinary to his collection of “eye candy for the style hungry.”

9. Hanneli - Ex-model Hanneli Mustaparta wanted a place to express her own voice, so she created a blog to document what she finds inspiring in the world of fashion. She highlights mostly street fashion, but also looks off the runway.

10. Jak & Jil – To Tommy Ton, “every week is fashion week,” and he photographs fashion industry insiders to prove it. His subjects are predominantly fashion editors, who he believes are the real fashion icons (not models). He is brilliant at capturing those hectic moments: editors busily shuffling from fashion show to fashion show or directing models behind the scenes.

11. Street Peeper – If you’re looking for street style organized by city, Street Peeper is for you. Phil covers most major international cities, including NY, Chicago, Miami, San Fransisco and LA in the States.

12. Style Clicker – Based in Munich, style clicker highlights European street style. The images are fabulous, and they tend to highlight individuals who are so posh they could be models.

13. StyleQuotient – Paul Melo isn’t about labels, but style that exudes personality. He captures the essence of stylish souls with his Vancouver street style blog.

14. Style Sightings – Eddie photographs stylish individuals across the globe and always does so with a witty headline.

15. Swagger 360 – Street style blogs tends to focus on the ladies of the world, but Swagger 360 gives a shout out to all the stylish men out there.

16. Trendycrew – Tatel Velásquez and Tomy Pelluz document street style in Barcelona and beyond. An added bonus: they attempt to tell visitors what brands are featured in their photographs.

Personal Style

17. The Cherry Blossom Girl – Alix is as cute as a button. Maybe it’s her feminine personal style that we’ve fallen in love with. Or maybe it’s her bangs. Either way, this French blogger and fashion designer has us hooked.

18. The Clothes Horse – Rebecca takes the lovely red hair of Jane at Sea of Shoes and combines it with the sweetness (and bangs) of Alix at Cherry Blossom Girl. And yes, her personal style is equally as adorable as she is.

19. It’s Symmetrical – We’re slightly obsessed with Chloe Scheffe. She just graduated college and she has a personal style that even the most seasoned fashion expert could envy. Though the majority of her blog showcases her killer ensembles, she also documents street style and interesting Internet finds relating to fashion and graphic design.

20. LOOKBOOK – Ok, LOOKBOOK isn’t technically a blog. But it is a platform for anyone to showcase their personal style. The majority of the users are models, photographers, or bloggers, and there isn’t a day that we don’t browse through LOOKBOOK and mutter, “Why is everyone on this site so fucking cool?”

21. My Edit – Jentine has the sweetest name ever, and her own style and blog content is just as unique as her name. Not only does she showcase her outfits, but she also transforms hideous pieces into fabulous new DIY creations.

22. Sea of Shoes – With her gorgeously fierce red hair and bad-ass personal aesthetic, Jane Aldridge inevitably sticks out in a crowd. We love how she can put an outfit together out of “leave that on the rack” pieces. Oh, and she’s not even of legal drinking age yet. So awesome.

23. Style Bubble – UK-based Susie Bubble has a quirky sense of style, and she shares it with faithful readers through her personal fashion blog. Even better, she actually writes posts, which isn’t common practice among fashion bloggers.

24. The Style Rookie – Tavi Gevinson was only 11 years old when she started blogging. Now, at age 14, she is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. She typically highlights her eccentric personal style, but she also writes about her opinion on designer collections and her everyday musings.


25. A CUP OF JO – Joanna is a magazine writer and blogger in NYC whose blog documents her life, with a heavy emphasis on fashion. She is another example of a blogger who has peeled back the curtain to her life, revealing her and her family’s experiences for the world to see.

26. Could I Have That? – Could I Have That features whatever the hell it wants. Food, fashion, decor, music, soap…whatever. What keeps us coming back for more? Her killer personal style and “I’ll-write-about-whatever-I-want” attitude.

27. The Glamourai – We wish we could be half as bad ass as Kelly. Seriously…the outfits she puts together would make anyone else look like a total joke. She has a true gift of mish mashing a TON of different looks and trends into one outfit…and it works. In addition to her looks, she also showcases killer interior design spaces, which are as fun and lively as her personal style.

28. Jenesequa – Melissa Middleton is an inspiration to aspiring fashion bloggers. She quit her cushy corporate job as an accessories buyer to blog full-time about her passions: fashion, food, travel and home decor. We learn something new everyday from Melissa and are excited to read “I don’t know what,” as the French phrase “je ne sai quois” translates.

29. Oh Joy! – Fashion, food and design come together in Joy’s self-titled blog Oh Joy! You never know if you’re going to see a killer style guide or a tantalizing recipe…and honestly, the mystery is what keeps us coming back for more.

Anything and Everything Relating to Fashion

30. Amateur Couture – Similar to our feelings with Wear Pallettes, why the hell didn’t we think of this? Amateur Couture takes a photo of art and finds a fashion photograph that looks identical. Seriously…the similarities of the two seemingly dissimilar images is haunting.

31. Because I’m Addicted – Geri Hirsch is addicted to fashion. We’re addicted to her blog. She presents us a slew of daily fashion inspiration with looks from both the runway and the streets. She’s a curator of all things fashionable and we rely on her to help us incorporate high fashion looks into our own wardrobe.

32. Bryan Boy – If Rumi Neely is the coolest chick on the Internet, Bryan is definitely the coolest dude. Besides documenting his own personal style, Bryan also comments on fashion shows and news. But the real draw of his blog…he wears fur. In excess. He’s awesome.

33. The Emerald Closet – We know, we know. But hear us out. The reason we’ve included ourselves on this list is because we’re trying to add something a little different to the fashion blog world: personal shopping and styling services. Sure, there are stylist services in just about every city, but not many document fashion as a whole. Besides services for local Seattleites, we also offer e-styling services nationwide, including one-on-one consultations and outfit feedback and suggestions for important events. We also hope to roll out our styling parties to other cities in the future. We use our blog as a way to showcase our personal aesthetic, by highlighting what we covet and use on a daily basis. Our goal is to inspire, and that is why we write about everything relating to fashion, from style guides and advice to street style and industry news.

34. Garance Doré – Garance Doré documents the fashion world from a Parisian point of view. What started as a way to showcase her illustrations quickly turned into a full-fledged style blog. From street style to commentary on couture designers, Garance has her finger directly on the pulse of fashion, and as a result, she’s one of the most followed fashion bloggers on the Internet.

35. The Man Repeller – Women wear some really bizarre things in the name of fashion. Leandra Medine shows the world these bizarre things. Welcome to The Man Repeller: a humorous look at the fucked up shit women wear on a daily basis.

36. The Urban Gentleman – Men’s fashion blogs are few and far between, but The Urban Gent keeps the boys in the know about style and grooming through the use of street style, look books, and shopping guides.

37. Vain and Vapid - Even if we hated this blog, we might just put it on our list because it has the sweetest title. Fortunately, we’re totally addicted to the offbeat designer collections this blog highlights. Plus, Vain and Vapid sells its own designs online, demonstrating a true knowledge of fashion and construction.

38. Wear Palettes – Why the hell didn’t we think of this? Wear Palettes syndicates street style photos from LOOKBOOK and Close Up and Private and picks out the different colors that represent the outfit. So simple. So perfect.

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